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Supplement with Mainspring

This page is part of the topic 'insulation' and is a complementary solution for attaching growth greening systems. In this way, all previous versions can be supplemented, if necessarily an increased wall distance maybe required. This may be necessary, but also because of the health in susceptible plants for design reasons. The solution is initially limited to very light loads, so plant annuals or Clematis.

Details, Installation and Maintenance

In this solution, the distances from holder should be to support less than 1.50 m, more preferably less than 1.20 m. In each case, a 2 cm long holder is then ordered and the to the next highest insulation thickness holder length. For details, find with the eligible Cross holders WM 12XX2 and WM 12XX8. And instead of 4 mm rope always use a 3 mm cable. Each strand of rope in between 2 mounts a spring group is installed so that the rope is deflected at an elevated tension and can yield. The rope is, in a sense, modified like a 'bungee' cable strand with 4 holders therefore 3 groups of springs are installed.

If 2 mm rope used, should the wall distance and the projection of the cross-holder rise by 4 cm.

When using more powerful plants for such a growth system, they need monitoring to the effect that, for example, no drives of Roses and others often rush to the walls and scratch plaster.