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Hobby - Masonry Drill, SB 44444

Steinbohrer im Set

Product sheet

Description / Price

Inexpensive Two-edge carbide percussion drill bit with round shaft, type 'PROJAHN'. Special prices due to higher purchasing volumes. Drilling diameter 6 - 12 mm. Set in the space-saving, transparent QuadroPack polypropylene, making it suitable for throwing into your toolbox. Individual stone bits in ziplock bag. Subsequent bits are available as set and individually, TL/WL mean total length / working length (= max depth):

  • SB 44444, all four rock drills in the set (Quadropack) - Price

  • SB 06100, d = 6 mm, TL/WL = 100/50 mm - Price

  • SB 08120, d = 8 mm, TL/WL = 120/75 mm - Price

  • SB 10120, d = 10 mm, TL/WL = 120/75 mm - Price

  • SB 12150, d = 12 mm, TL/WL = 150/100 mm - Price



Hobby-masonry drill bits for use in ordinary impact drills (with three jaw chuck). For assembly of Easy, Light and Medium kits in masonry, soft natural stone and similar materials. Conditionally suitable for concrete without reinforcement, drilling in smaller diameter is then recommended. In hollow bricks, aerated concrete and possibly also drill in 'normal' bricks without percussion setting. Not for wood. By the cleaning of wells with down hole brush and blowouts allows for higher adhesive forces and is prescribed for professional bonds with mandatory composite mortar. Please use if necessary, the general information about percussion drilling.



Merchandise the company 'PROJAHN'

Satz Steinbohrer
Four drill bits together (set) are delivered in a slide pack.
Schiebepack für Bohrer
Stone drill bit set in closed sliding pack (QuadroPack)