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Staples / U-Nails 3.5 / 35 mm, stainless steel wire, EK 03510

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Product sheet

Description / Price

Large staples (U-nails) made of high-grade steel V2A, 3.5mm in diameter, length: 35 mm, 10 staples per pack.  >>> Price.



Massive steel staples, with their elongated prongs/teeth, serve as a strong intermediate holder/support when guiding wire and wire rope of any diameter (easy construction style) and conditionally, also for the permanent fastening of 2mm of rope in which the longer staple naileye nails or even eyelet bolts are recommended over loops. For solid (massive) wood (free-standing trellises, pergolas, etc.), but especially for deep anchoring in truss-end hard wood. Even when building strong domestic aviaries, or in sandstone renovation for attachment of reinforcement (armour) fabric, etc.. Please also refer to the information we've provided to select appropriate eyebolts.



When driving in the staples, do so at a slight angle to the wood's grain to prevent cracks. In hardwood, plastic etc., pilot-drill if necessary. When using multiple staples it is best to use a self-made drilling template that demarcates the distance between holes. Once the staples have been fully secured, sand down their visible surface with fine sandpaper to remove any iron grains carried from the hammer head (thus preventing future corrosion).



Made in Germany (Saxony)

Schlaufe für Rankdraht
Strong wire loop to lead the tension wire for a vine base; along a frame in truss.