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Staples 2.5 / 25 mm (high-grade steel), EK 02550

Krampen Edelstahl

Product sheet

Description / Price

Small staple ("loops" or "U-nails") made of high-grade steel A2 hard ( V2A, 1.4301), 2.5 mm of strong, length of 25 mm, 50 pieces high-grade steel staples in the set  >>> Price.



Particularly as intermediate mounting plate to the guidance of wire and wire rope to 3 mm in diameter (easy consruction style of construction) and used also for final attachment, whereby instead of simple staples the more solid staple nails or eyelet nails are recommended there. Good for massive wood (free-standing trellises, pergolas, half-timbered houses etc.) and frameworks. Also for garden fences made of chestnut wood, for the construction of bird aviaries etc. Assembly into the end grain is possible with hard woods. It is good to check every case for softwoods. Please also use our information to select appropriate eyebolts.



Hammer stainless steel staples, slightly offset to the grain of the wood to prevent cracks. In hardwood, plastic, etc... pre-drill if necessary. With many staples best with a self-made template that specifies the distance between the two holes.



"Made in Germany" (Thuringia)

Stainless steel staples
Wire-cables, growing system for shoots, led by staples