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Freestanding Metal Trellises

Metal trellises are not only used on facades and walls, but are also installed freestanding in the garden-- as privacy screen, pergola, pavilion, etc.. You can find examples in the section: "Ideas / Objects." To avoid duplicating the contents, the content on "metal trellises" is kept short in this section. Nevertheless, you will fing some examples for planning and building free-standing trellises, even if Fassadengrün currently only has one grid for this use (RK 11600). The companies Frank Bernhardt Zaunsysteme and Legi GmbH supply more wire trellises for climbing systems. And, of course, there are also freestanding trellises built in Wood or Bamboo.

Metal grid as a growing aid for aristolochia
Black-eyed Susan vine and free-standing trellis
Metal trellis arch for vine in garten
Stainless steel freestanding trellis, similar to a pergola

Stainless steel pergola as trellis for climbing hortensia 

Stainless steel trellis for potted plant, mandevilla

Trellis RK 11600 from FassadenGrün, mandevilla