Stainless Steel Wire 1.2 mm, DR 01220

Product Sheet


Stainless steel wire, 1.2 mm thick, stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304), A2, smooth (not corrugated) surface, hard, in a 20 m roll.


** Currently not available- sorry! 



For work around the house and for hobby; also for the covering of freestanding trellises/climbing plant stands, wire frameworks, espaliers of vine, raspberry, rose, etc.. Special lengths and special wires (e.g. for shooting ranges, shooting facilities etc.) available upon request. Please also refer to our information on stainless steel wire.



For short sections, thread the steel wire through the previously prepared eyelets, cramps (staples), or through a hole in the post, then tighten it, and fasten. For longer wires, additional wire tensioners are recommended.


Unusual Features

The smooth-slick surface and the small diameter of this steel wire makes it only partially suitable for climbing and twining plants. Wire rope (cable) is thus usually used.