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Stainless Steel Trellis 119 cm, RG 1190X

Small metal trellis, matt or glossy

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Trellis 119 x 40 cm, spot-welded. The vertical bars are more compact in the middle for a better design. Rod ends are chamfered, with no protruding wires (therefore no risk of injury). Galvanically treated-- electroplated. Two versions (see photo above):

  •  RG 11902, rod-⌀ 5 mm, stainless steel 304, matt glossy - Price
  •  RG 11904, rod-⌀ 6 mm, stainless steel 316, mirror finish - Price   



High-quality metal trellis for wall mounting, especially for walls with external insulation. Use it for small and low-growing climbing plants, like mandevilla, thunbergia and low flowering clematis, or for ground-cover and small rose shrubs. The compacted middle band (see above) also accentuates graceful plants!



The trellis should be mounted on the facade with wall mounts. Four holders are recommended for the smaller trellis; in exceptional cases, 3 or even 2 might be sufficient. Please use the instructions on how to install stainless steel trellises.



Made in Germany (Saxony)

Small trellis, AISI 316
Small stainless-steel trellis
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