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Stainless Steel Trellis 169 cm, RG 1690X

Stainless-steel climbing plant training aid

Product Sheet

Description / Price

169 x 60 cm stainless-steel trellis with spot-welded rods. The central rods are closer together for a better design. Rod ends are beveled, there are no protruding wires and therefore no risk of injury. Galvanically treated-- electroplated. Two versions available (see photo above):

  •  RG 16902, bar-⌀ 5 mm, stainless steel V2A, matt glossy - Price
  •  RG 16904, bar-⌀ 6 mm, stainless steel V4A, mirror finish - Price



High-quality steel trellis for wall mounting. Can also be used on externally insulated walls with polystyrene panels. For weak to moderately vigorous climbing plants, like mandevilla, morning glory, cathedral bell and other permanent bloomers, as well as for clematis, winter jasmine, climbing spindle, ornamental kiwi, or small climbing roses. The compacted middle section (see above) also accentuates graceful plants. 



FassadenGrün sells a selection of trellis fittings/holders. We recommend using 5 fittings for RG 16902, and 4 fittings for the sturdier RG 16904. 6 fittings allow for a very stable installation. In exceptional cases, 2 or 3 holders might be sufficient. Please use the instructions for fastening stainless steel trellises.



Made in Germany (Saxony)

Medium-sized trellis, 316 stainless-steel
Medium-sized trellis, stainless-steel
Trellis with mandevilla
Grid with mandevilla on a wall
Grid on a balcony in winter
Trellis on a balcony in winter