Stainless Steel Threaded Bolt GS XX100

Product sheet

Description / Prices

Threaded bolts in various thicknesses, made of A4 stainless steel (V4A, 1.4401 or AISI 316). For do-it-yourself construction of cable cross mounts. Can be used with cross-mount heads, bolt sets ('counter-pressure sets'), and brass plugs from FassadenGrün. Four versions are available:

  • GS 06100: M6 / 1.000 mm  >>> Price

  • GS 08100: M8 / 1.000 mm  >>> Price

  • GS 10100: M10 / 1.000 mm  >>> Price

  • GS 12100: M12 / 1.000 mm  >>> Price


Special Features

We recommend shortening the threaded bolts to the right length with a hacksaw. If a hexagon nut is screwed on beforehand and positioned behind the cutting point, the nut can be removed again after cutting by screwing the nut forward over the cutting point; the thread is then immediately "nut accessible" again. Cutting with a disc grinder ("Flex") can lead to structural changes and rust at the cutting point.