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Thimble eye, KA 03425

Stainless steel thimble

Product sheet

Description / Price

Thimble eye: Channeled-shaped bent tin from high-grade steel A 2 for wire rope, closed version. Channel width 4 mms, for wire rope 3 and 4 mms.
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For the loops for attaching ropes to 'open' eyes as with turnbuckles, quick links, etc.. The thimbles provide a defined bending radius for the rope and prevent wear due to rubbing. Alternatively, a previously opened grommet (thimble) KA 03429 is available for closed eyes. Please use the General information if necessary to the use of rope clamps, etc..



When mounting on closed loops with Eyebolts, etc, these cable grommets must still be bent before mounting. Alternatively, thimbles KA 03429 are therefore available. (see photo on right).



Imports from the Far East

Stainless steel thimble with wire rope
Cable loop with thimble
Fastening of wire ropes
Two cable loops with thimble-eyes
Stainless steel open thimble
Open thimble KA 03429