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Screw link 5/50 mm, SG 05050

Stainless steel screw link

Product sheet

Description / Price

Link / screw connector / quick clasp (chain quick lock) in stainless steel A4, material cross section 5 mm thread M6, opening width approx. 7 mm, inner diameter approx. 12 mm. load capacity according to micro print: 140 kg. Image similar to (a larger link SG 07065 is pictured). >>> Price


Generally as a flexible chain quick-locking mechanism, here especially for fastening rings RI 05050 equipped with wire ropes to eye bolts or similar from Fassadengrün; also as an intermediate link/screw connector for other constructions where a quick release of the connection is required. Please refer to the general information on cable clamps, etc. if necessary.


The nut of the screw link is turned back as far as possible; the screw link is then mounted in the appropriate eyelet and the nut is tightened again. Now the link is closed.



Imported (the Far East)

High grade stainless steel screw link
Screw link with eyelet screw WM 08080.