Stainless Steel Rod, RS 04100/RS 05125

Product Sheet


Round rod made of stainless steel 1.4301 (A2, V2A, AISI 304), bright, glossy, beveled on both sides. Three versions:

  • RS 04100, diameter 4 mm, length 1000 mm -  Price

  • RS 04200, diameter 4 mm, length 1980 mm -  Price

  • RS 05125, diameter 5 mm, length 1250 mm - Price



As a compression rod for retrofitting a cable system, especially for system 5050. Also can be used as climbing rungs in heavy construction kits. Mounting varies depending on the rod thickness: 4 mm rods in the cross clamps SK 04015, SK 03420 or directly in the cross holders for heavy and massive kits (4 mm grooves). 5 mm rods only with connector SK 34515. Refer to our general information on stainless steel wire.



The stainless steel rods are suspended in the trellis system without coming into contact with the wall. Shorten the rod to the required length (e.g. with a hacksaw), file or sand the ends. Mount flush with cross clamp or connector, or alternatively, with a 5-15 cm overhang, in which case the end caps EM 00000X are to be put on as protection. With diagonal, fan, or other specially-shaped cable systems, the ends of the rods have to be  bent (with a vice) until a 90 degree angle is reached. For extension, up to two rods can also be mounted-- one above the other-- in each cross cable clamp. It is best to bend the rod ends towards the wall to prevent injury.



Made in Germany (Saxony)