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Open Thimble-eyes, KA 03429

Stainless steel open thimble-eye

Product sheet

Description / Price

Open thimbles made of stainless steel A 2 for wire-cable, open and thus the assembly friendly version. Gutter distance 4 mm, throat distance approx. 6 mm for wire-cable 3 and 4 mm. >>> Price



Eyelets closed for the loops for the mounting of wire ropes on wall brackets. The grommets provide a defined bending radius for the rope and prevent wear due to rubbing. Please use the General Information section if necessary to the use of rope clamps, etc..



This thimble has an open gap and is easier to slide onto eyelets as characterized. After installation and before inserting the wire rope, the gap is squeezed with pliers with these types.



Modified imports (the Far East)

Open thimble eye
Squeezing KA 03429 together