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Stainless Steel End Sleeve, EH 00018 / 00003 / 00004

High grade stainless steel end sleve

Product sheet

Description / Prices

End Sleeve made from soft, stainless steel A2/A4, for 1.8mm, 3mm or 4mm cable diameter. EH 00004 for 4mm cable is pictured.

  • EH 00018, A2, for cable diameter 1.8mm  - Price

  • EH 10003, A2/A4, for cable diameter 3mm  - Price

  • EH 00004, A2, for cable diameter 4mm - Price



Added to the exposed ends of wire cable to prevent fraying. Another possible application is the climbing rungs for Ranunculaceae. Please also use the general information on cable end stops.



The cable must be cut cleanly with the help of wire rope cutters, after which, the cable is twisted shortly between thumb and forefinger in the same directions as its overall braid, just as one would with thread before inserting it through a needle. The end sleeves are then slid onto the exposed cable end, again with a complimentary twisting motion. It is important that none of the cables individual strands end up outside the end stop and get bent backwards as this will disrupt ints successful application. The cable is flush with the end stop or ends with a slight protrusion of 1-2mm. Finally, the stops secured with pliers by exerting pressure in the middle of the stops (customary combination pliers or water pump pliers will do) and it is advised to grip with far back in the mouth of the pliers for the best effect. particularly suited.



"Made in Germany" (North Rhine-Westphalia)

Protection for wire rope ends
Crimping a end sleeve with a wire rope
End sleeves for protecting wire rope ends
Squeezed sleeves with different protrusion of the cable ends and marks of compression according to the pliers used.