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Greening up of Special Parts of a Building

'Facade Greening' means that big and small surfaces of a facade (wall face) become covered partially or fully in green plant life. The design of our web presence always first refers to wall surfaces or facades. However, within the surfaces there are still areas which require a special consideration, and on the following pages you find info and examples. The greening of other 'objects' is looked at again separately.

Façade Greening with wisteria on a balcony
Greening of balconies


Greening of balconies

Greening up drainpipes and lightning conductors?


Lightning conductor, Pipes...

Growing systems in Gardens for pillars and posts


Pillar, posts, props

Flower boxes

Flower boxes

Alternative Wall greening

Green walls as a part of façade greening

Climbing plant walls

Stairs, green arcades and such

Gallery's and canopies as a form of greening


Green canopies

Pergola with grape vine


made of wood and metal

Canopies, roof like greening and so on.: here a green roof thanks to Dutchman's Pipe


Garlands, Coverings