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Small Wall Trellises

Fassadengrün sells stainless-steel trellises along with their attachments. Due to their rigidity, steel trellises can also be used with externally insulated walls! There is an inexhaustible diversity of shapes, designs, and materials available, even for small wall grids. You will find examples of all kinds of trellises in this section. In the following section, you will see examples of larger trellis grids, so-called "mesh panels" (used often for wire fences).

Small metal trellis for grapevine
Small metal trellis for grapevine

Praise the Rectangle

Metal trellises usually have the shape of a "standing rectangle," the upright position corresponding to the growth of the plants. The irregular lines of the plants contradict the severe lines of the trellis and the façade. The overall picture of the "green wall" that emerges between the strict lines is very harmonious ... the rectangular shape is a very strong design element for wall trellises!

Frame -- With or Without?

Most of our trellises are designed with an exterior frame. Some forme have protruding wires, however, as seen on some photos in this section... the trellises look very delicate, but are associated with a certain risk of injury...

Grid Shapes

Inside the frame, the grid mesh can be made of squares or rectangles; those can be arranged evenly or as is the case with our trellises, be a little more dense in the middle.

The grid should not be too dense/compact. Otherwise, in the case of climbing plants and petioles, tons of dried/dead tendrils must be removed every year, especially with vines and leaved vines.

Diamond-shaped Trellises

Diamond or rhomboid shapes add an interesting structure to the wall, especially when they are set in a strong frame.

Playful (and complex) Trellises

Playful and floral forms, in a range of complexity, are also possible!... not only for trellises in garden beds, but also for wall trellises. 

Which Metal: Stainless Steel, Galvanised or Rust?

Our trellises are made of stainless steel and are thus corrosion free. The trellises are galvanically 'washed' and are therefore free of impurities or foreign bodies that can appear during the spot-welding process. One can find inexpensive stainless steel versions-- "raw" or unwashed-- which are not cleaned galvanically (for example, in garden furniture and reinforcing mats), but such grids are not sufficiently corrosion-resistant for the greening of facades. 

Galvanized grids can last for several decades outdoors, depending on the situation on site. Steel trellises with a plastic coating often corrode only after 5 years... Some trellises are deliberately produced with rust to emphasize an "antique" style!

Fan-shaped Trellises

Fan-shaped trellises bring in a third language of form (a new diagonal) on the facade. When they are placed next to a window, they can disrupt the harmonic contrast between the shape of the plant and the grid lines of the building, causing visual confusion, or the eye of the observer to be somewhat irritated. For this reason, fan-shaped trellises should be used on windowless facades, if at all. 

Examples of Metal Trellises for Facades

You will see here how diverse the shapes and forms of metal trellises for plants can be, and also where the limits of those shapes are.

Wall trellis from FassadenGrün with Mandevilla
Metal trellis with rose next to a street
Two trellises with grapevine next to a transformer
Wall grids/trellises with Clematis Montana
Small climbing plants (like clematis) feel at home on almost any grid or trellis.
Electroplated steel trellis with rose
Small iron trellis
Lattice grid with grapevine
Trellis made of a double bar fencing panel
3-dimensional trellis systems
Spot-welded grid used as a trellis system
Small wall trellis and potted plant
Trellis damaged by a powerful plant (campsis)