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Skogholm Bearberry

Cotoneaster dammeri "Skogholm" // with limitations also "Coral Beauty"

Cotoneasters are used as groundcovers. The above species is very useful for the greening of façades because it forms cascading, evergreen trains, sometimes even with very ornamental fruit.

Evergreen Bearberry, selected 1941 by O. Göranson / Sweden


Sunny (full sun) to semi-shaded position, soils that are not too dry and have a good humus content are recommended for all species.

Characteristics and Pruning

A scrambler, moderate growth, also spreading sideways, overhanging arching branches, long shoots, forming long cascading trains. Small, dark green, evergreen glossy leaves, some leaves with partial yellow autumn colour, remaining winter foliage bronze coloured.


Flower and Fruit

Abundance of small, star shaped flowers in June, pea-sized red fruit lasting far into winter. “Coral Beauty” has better ornamental fruit ie fruiting is more likely to occur.



Usually not required.

Climbing Plant Support System

Usually not required, but occasionally Light Growth Support System to assist with guidance and attaching.