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Growth Rod, RS 04100/RS 05125

Rundstab Edelstahl 4 mm

Product sheet


Round bars made of stainless steel 1.4301 (A2, V2A, AISI 304), bright, shiny, bevelled deviating from the photo on both sides. Two versions:

  • RS 04100, diameter 4 mm length 1000 mm -  Price

  • RS 05125, diameter 5 mm length 1250 mm - Price



As pressure for the subsequent compression by cable systems, especially for system 5050. Also for climbing shoots with heavy kits. Adhereing with two different thicknesses: 4 mm rods in cross clamping SK 04015, SK 03420 or directly in the Cross holders for heavy and massive kits (4 mm grooves). 5 mm rods only with connector SK 34515. See general information about Stainless steel wire / cable.



Is usually free-floating as cross points without wall contact. The rod is shortened to the required length (e.g. by hacksaw), the ends are filed or sanded. It is mounted flush with cross clamp or connector or alternatively with 5 - 15 cm supernatant, then as protection (risk of injury) end sleeves are put on EM 00004. In case of diagonal cable systems in specialized form - the ends of the bars have to be a little folded to obtain a 90 degree angle in the cross for the fastening. For the prolongation two bars can also be mounted over each other into cross clamps. It is favourable, also, to bend the ends coming through the wall because of the injury danger.



"Made in Germany" (Saxony)

Cross clamp SK 03420
2 rods with cross clamp
stainless steel rod
Trumpet vine
System 2030 on insulation
Rankstab Edelstahl
Growth support system
Heavy construction style