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Simplex Clamps, SX 02018 / 03018

Stainless steel simplex-clamp

Product sheet


Modular simplex clamp (clip) made of stainless steel; consisting of basic body with a set rivet screw M4, clamping lug, and nut M4. Two sizes:

  • SX 02018 for 1.5 - 2 mm of rope, A4 - Price

  • SX 03020 for 2.5 - 3 mm of rope, A2 - Price



Simplex clamps are an inexpensive alternative to wire rope clamps/grips  (U-clamp terminals) however their grip exerts slightly less pressure. At FassadenGrün they are used for permanently attaching wire ropes to eye bolts/hooks etc. by means of looping. The achievable load capacity is sufficient here. For help with selecting the appropriate clamp, see the information provided via the link: rope clamps.



Assemble in accordance with the specifications of the Simple "Mini" Kits with the following restriction: both sizes have approximately the same shell/case size, as a result, the shell/case of the 3mm simplex clamps are too narrow to allow the wire ropes to slide against each other as intended when tensioning Easy Kits. Consequently, we recommend the additional use of a cable tensioner in conjuncture with the simplex clamps, or alternatively, use wire rope clamps.


Special Features

For cables in facade greening it is almost always sufficient to fasten every loop with just one simplex clamp. For heavily loaded cables, 2-3 simplex clamps can be fitted consecutively, one behind the other.



Imported (Far East)

Stainless steel simplex-clamp
Simplex clamp with eyelet nail NA 04060