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Perennial clematis "Praecox"

Bred around 1900 by Simon Louis Frères, France. This valuable variety has genes from Clematis vitalba which are responsible for its vigorous growth, with new shoots growing up to 4m per year. Grows as a dense groundcover, but is happy to climb up on trees, shrubs, fences and façades. Large dark green leaves, small flowers (to ca. 2.5cm) with narrow, white to light-blue petals. Flowers are abundant, and flowering period longer than 'Mrs Robert Brydon', namely continuous from June to September (October). Not suitable for pot cultivation. A semi-perennial climber with little lignification, pruning towards the end of the year to ca. 30cm above ground. Refer to General Information for uses, location, suitable cable systems etc.

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(Lat: Clematis 'Praecox' is probably a hybrid of Clematis x jouiana and Clematis tubulosa var. davidiana)

Clematis "Pracox"