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Insert fitting (screw-in plug) ED 01060

Rampamuffe Einschraubdübel

Product sheet

Description / Price

Large insert nut or screw-in steel blank for heavy duty mounting, with female thread M10 (blind hole) about 15 mm long, the outside wood thread about 18 mm in diameter, total length 60 mm. >>> Price


For special mountings with M10-threads. Fastened with this insert nut always in the massive wood of the respective columns, truss-'stems', threshold woods or others... The connection allows for high loads. Please use the General information if necessary to dowel and anchor technology.



For optimum mounting, the central portions of each timber should be drilled and the insert nuts are screwed in there. Adhering aids in the peripheral areas should be avoided wherever possible. When drilling in crossing points-bearing wood, there is a danger that the wooden connection's central rivets are pierced, and so loses its function ability and the sustainability of construction is compromised. Each free laid solid wood receives a hole from 15-16 mm (for softwood) or 17 mm (for hardwood such as oak) and approx. 65 mm deep for screwing the threaded sleeve. The screw-in will use the special tool (please inquire if necessary) and with your slowly rotating drill screw up to the stop, if possible without deviating from the thread axis.



Made in Germany (Schleswig Holstein)

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