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Scarlet Firethorn

Pyracantha coccinea

The Scarlet Firethorn is not a climber, but can easily be espaliered, it delights with its ornamental fruit and is evergreen.

Firethorn "Orange Glow" with berry jewels

Requirements / Price

Sunny (full sun) or at least full daylight position, however, in semi-shade or full shade produces less or hardly any flowers and fruit. Nutrient-rich and moist soils with good water retention.

Characteristics and Pruning

Scrambler, up to 3m, at times cascading. Thorny, evergreen.


Flower and Fruit

White panicles in June. Fruit in winter depending on species either yellow, orange or red; bird food.



If required after winter, encourages branching; also suitable for topiary.


Further Notes:

Depending on the species, firethorn may be susceptible to scurf and fire blight. A relatively resistant species is the classic hybrid "Red Column." The seeds are slightly poisonous.

Climbing Plant Support System

Rods, trellises and nets with generous mesh width for tying and guiding the shoots. For suitable growth support systems see below. Mostly Medium, if required also Light Growth Support Systems.