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Rubber Strip, BD 20020

Gummistreifen hoch wetterfest

Product sheet

Description / Price

Rubber strip of extremely weather-resistant and UV resistant special rubber. Resistant against ozone. Outdoor durability 20 years. With high elongation factor of about 330%. Width 20 mm, thickness 1.5 mm, color black. Other lengths on request. >>> Price



To join very heavy creepers and trees to stakes and other climbing aids. The binding ends should possibly still then be stapled or nailed after knotting.

Even as a pad / brace under metal grow cables stopping contact to sensitive mounting points. Especially recommended for galvanized and painted balcony posts, tubular steel, round or square. Please use, if necessary, the general information on the binding material. Furthermore usable as cushion for securing joints.



We offer this rubber strip as an artificial material, because no comparable products from renewable raw materials are available. For trunk diameter > 5 cm Velcro is alternatively recommended. The item is listed twice in the online shop, once as 'bonding material' and again under 'cable clamps'.



Made in USA

Bandage unter Drahtseil-Schlaufen
Use on a galvanized square tube
Baumbinder aus Gummi
As tree binder
Gummistreifen als Scheuerschutz
Cable loop on a railing