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Rod Cross Clamp 6 mm, RK 06012

[Translate to Englisch:] Stabklemme Edelstahl für d = 6 mm

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Rod cross clamp for connecting metal rods, made of stainless steel A2. Diameter 12 mm, length 18 mm, side-drilled hole and nut (6.1 mm). Compact, decorative style. Excellent holding force (grip).. >>> Price



For attaching trellis rods 6 mm at intersection points in a trellis grid. Adjustable and detachable. Please refer as needed to our general information on the use of modular trellises 6 mm. Finely adjustable and detachable again.






Made in Germany (Saxony); grub screws from the Far East.

[Translate to Englisch:] Stabklemmen für 6, 8 und 10 mm Stäbe
Rod Cross Clamp RK 06012
Rod Cross Clamp RK 06012