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Red Honeysuckle "Dropmore Scarlett"

A small but strikingly red-flowering hybrid with a long flowering period from June to October (in optimal conditions). The red honeysuckle is 'wintergreen' until November / December ) and is particularly suitable for smaller trellises due to its weak growth. No scent!

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Red Honeysuckle "Dropmore Scarlet", latin: lonicera x brownii

Honeysucke "Dropmore Scarlett"

Requirements / Price

Sunny to partially shaded or shaded locations. Thrives in urban climates. Fresh and rich garden soil. The base of the plant should be protected from temperature variations and dryness by shading it with a stone, for example. Distance between two plants: 0.8 - 1.5 metres.

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Characteristics and Pruning

A remarkably robust honeysuckle. The shoots are lightly twining; the plant reaches a height of 2 - 3, max. 4 metres. The stem develops slowly, foliage lasts from April to winter, may be wintergreen in milder winters. The long, slender flowers are orange-red. The flowering lasts from May/June to October; the orange berries are inedible. No scent. Prune in summer as needed.

Wire Rope Trellises for Facades

A trellis with horizontal elements (rods or wires), as well as fences, pergolas and other constructions can be used as a support for this honeysuckle. Choose a trellis in the easy, medium or light design ranges.

Suitable Wire Rope Trellises

Click on the image to find a suitable facade trellis design.

Lonicera x brownii
Red honeysuckle growing on a post with wire rope as a supporting device
Flowering honeysuckle "Dropmore Scarlett"
Lonicera brownii on a facade

Suitable wire rope trellises for the red honeysuckle

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