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Growth habit: ramblers

Ramblers will hook other vegetation or a wire rope trellis with thorns or rigid branches to climb. By tying the shoots and branches the right way pruning the climbing plant, ramblers can also be trained to orderly shapes or left in their natural form.


Climbing roses, firethorn, winter jasmine as wells as blackberries and shrub clematis are all ramblers.

"Suitable" wire rope trellises

A trellis for a rambler must be able to withstand the lateral pressure and the tension of the growing trunk and branches, and must be well anchored to the façade. We recommend at least Medium, for bigger roses even Heavy / Massive versions of our wire trellises. Sometimes Simple and even Light trellises might be enough.

"Sometimes suitable" wire rope trellises

For ramblers, wire rope trellises with only one vertical rope are sometimes sufficient, but two or even more parallel lines are most often better, so that the branches can be tied to the wires in a wave (roses). Trellises that are to smal or too big aren't optimal if they aren't suited to the size of the climbing plant.

"Not suitable" wire rope trellises

Trellises with a dense mesh are a lot more expensive and will not benefit the plants. Trellises that are way too high for ramblers must also be avoided, as well as those with only vertical ropes.

Winter Jasmine behind a steel wire rope
Winters jasmine: a rambler shrub
Climbing rose
Roses are also ramblers