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Protective wooden grids

Once upon a time, in a bygone era, when the cattle herder went through the streets, took the cattle from every farm, drove it to the pasture, and brought it back in the evening ....

Protective grid for roses
Protective grid for roses

.... And some cow or goat had an appetite for the marginal vines that grew on the walls. That's why they had to be protected - with wooden bars. In a broader sense, they belong to the family of wooden trellis. The vertical laths were mounted on bent steel bands or on short, wooden cross bars. In part, also ledges were bridged, and thus created small works of art. Together with a designed planting pit, these lattices have rounded off the greening of façades. In the meantime, they have disappeared from the streetscape. The few, remaining copies, especially in the Saale-Unstrut area would actually be a case for the monument protection!

Perhaps the small documentation on this page may encourage you to re-attach such grids here and there as an alternative to metal grids! Because even today, protective mesh can be useful, for example, to prevent cats from using a vine trunk as a "scratching tree".

Wooden protective grids for wall plants

Here are more examples, mainly from the Saale-Unstrut area in East Germany.

Grapevines with wooden trellises and protective trellises, Weimar / Thuringia
Trunk grid for grapevines, Camburg / Saale // Thuringia
Grapevines with protective trellises in Freyburg / Unstrut // Saxony-Anhalt
Trunk protection for grapevines in Freyburg / Unstrut // Saxony-Anhalt
Protective trellis for grapevines in Freyburg / Unstrut // Saxony-Anhalt
Protective gird for grapes, Freyburg / Unstrut // Saxony-Anhalt
Protective wooden trellis for grapes, Unstrut-Valley
Protective grid with laths on metal strips for grapevines, Großjena in the Unstrut-Valley
Grapes on wires with protective grids
Grapes with large and small trellises as protection against dogs
Small protective trellises for Roses, Lübeck / Schleswig-Holstein