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Privacy Screen

A little ways away from the house and façade greening can function as privacy protection. This concerns partitions of terraces, balcony railings, large climbing plant walls, pergolas, carports, waste container enclosures and finally garden fences. Most of the time climbing supports aren't necessary. By following the links on this page you can delve into the respective themes and find climbing plants as well as climbing support materials.

Carport with privacy-screen (ivy on metal cables)

Suitable climbing plants

Usually, densely planted annuals in pots or buckets are enough for surprisingly effective visual protection against unwanted eyes and at the same time charm with their intense flower colour. Hops can be a considerable visual protection even in may. For particularly lush foliage and for "quick greening" we recommend Silver Lace Vine. The maintenance is, however, more laborious. This also applies to Wisteria. Though it grows more slowly at the beginning. Dutchman's Pipe provides for especially dense greenery. Even grape vine and fruitless wild grapes are decorative. However, they provide lush foliage earliest in late spring. For opaque surfaces all year round, ivy is the best choice. But there are also other possible evergreen plants. Very often the autumn foliage of climbing plants are quite decorative.

Wisteria on steel cable
House greening with Wisteria