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Modular Trellises

When standard wall trellises are too small and the metal mesh pads/lattice girders/fence panels not flexible enough, modular wall trellises can be used instead. With modular grids, the facade can be freely designed, especially for larger facades. The flexible systems of pipe or rods are assembled on site, but the pieces are usually manufactured according to individual projects and delivered to the construction site. Modular grids can be made of stainless steel, galvanized steel, or even glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP), and come in a range of different colours. Modules allow for greater wall clearance. FassadenGrün does not sell metal trellis modules, but we'll offer you suggestions in this section. We'll show you a system, a corresponding photo, and when known, the manufacturer. 

Modular metal grid as a growing aid for grapevine
Modular metal grid as a growing aid for grapevine
Modular climbing plant supports (trellis systems) are often made of synthetic material (plastics), such as the German "Polygrün" and "Tobrafix" systems.
Modular trellis system from Polygrün
"Polygrün" system (invented by Thorwald Brandwein) with a stainless-steel mount
Wall mount for a GFK rod
Climbing rod for roses
Flexible trellis system. Manufacturer unknown.
Rod and anchor for a climbing aid
Bar system in a classic trellis/espalier form
Bar system (bar grating) for facade greening
Modular system made of metal bars that can easily be mounted on-site
Bar system for facade greening
Origin unknown
Customizable rod system
Bamboo clamps
Bamboo trellis
Bamboo trellis clamp
Bamboo trellis clamp
Wire beams can be used standing or mounted against walls. "LEGI" and "Project W" are known producers.
Wire beams á la "Project W"
High bar grids are often made of square tubing (varnished/coated metal)
Trellis grid made of metal beams (square tubing)
Manufacturer unknown
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