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Modular Greening Systems

high-tech planting systems are an alternative to the classic facade greening. They are used increasingly in modern architecture, especially at expensive, high quality, and representative facades in southern Europe and Asia, for example: Singapore.  A pioneer in this style is the Frenchman Patrick Blanc with his 'vertical gardens'. The Greens are not growing from the ground or from ground buckets upwards, but sit in the flowered form modules on the facade. Such facade gardens are usually very expensive and maintenance-intensive, the planting is removed almost every winter and or exchanged. Alternatively, there are planting bags and similar suspension systems on the market that can be changed quickly.

"Living Wall" greening system in Berlin on a Galeries Lafayette building


For such greening concepts two models are combined. On the one hand it is the ability of some plants to grow with completely little surface soil on rock flagstones etc. This ability resulted in the idea to transfer this model to the walls and fronts of houses. The second idea was to hang plant buckets like in southern Europe, and hang them tightly next to and on top of each other to create a surface and selective effect. Thus, modular green systems were created.

Technical Conversion

The plants grow from special pots, planting bags or substrate bases put into the area. Irrigation facilities together with pumping and measuring devices are usually anchored there. Also an automatic supply of fertilizers is often integrated. Growth trellis assistance is not usually necessary with such projects. On a noise protection wall at the Palm Garden in Frankfurt Germany- 2013/2014,  a pilot project ran where four different greening systems of 12 square meters each were tested. 

"Vertical Garden" from Patrick Blanc in Paris / France
"Vertical Garden" from Patrick Blanc

Alternative Greening Systems

are inexpensive solutions, for example , 'meter long hedges' or hedge wall, some pre-grown, are also suitable for facade greening, or suspension systems with pots and planter bags that are manually irrigated and removed in the winter. Another variant is the use of self climbers in wall areas demarcated by recesses, creating a defined surface vegetation. Here, the maintenance cost is also low.

Affordable 'green modules' with Boston Ivy p. tricuspidata and indented growing fields - see text.
Affordable green modules, Shopping mall in Leipzig Liebertwolkwitz
Mosses on a coping
Mosses on a coping
Wall greening in a wall niche
Wall greening in a wall niche
Suspended hanging basket on a facade with a street lamp
Hanging basket on a facade
The most modern greening systems, here in Berlin a ' vertical garden' by Patrick Blanc at the Department store 'Galeries Lafayette' (see photo above).
The most modern greening system - shopping mall "Galeries Lafayette"
Simple greening system with 'Annuals' hanging plant pockets
Simple greening system with "Annuals" in hanging plant pockets, State hotricultural show in Koblenz / Rhineland-Palatinate 2011
Detail from the important 'living wall' in Berlin, Department store 'Galeries Lafayette'
Living Wall in Berlin, shopping mall "Galeries Lafayette"