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Modern Trellises

Our impressions show mainly historical trellises. But wooden trellis and modern architecture can fit together, eg. B. when large areas are loosened up by lattice work and made "bearable". Increasingly, architects recognize this possibility and make use of it. But there are also less spectacular objects such as extensions and additions in the modern style, where latticework is used as a climbing aid. Here are some examples.

Modern grwing grid with virginia creeper, childrens hospital in Saxony

Of course, the ground floor zone is suitable for such designs. If the lower base zone is included, the trellis should begin only above the splash zone.

Modern construction often requires frame-shaped latticework without lath projection, as they are less historicizing.

Wooden lattice wall at garage / garden house, Potsdam / Brandenburg
Modern architecture with lattice work, Potsdam / Brandenburg
Modern staircase addition, Dresden / Saxony
Green building with trellis wall, children's hospice Markkleeberg near Leipzig Saxony
Modern building with trellis, children's hospice Markkleeberg near Leipzig / Saxony
Wooden trellis on wooden boarding
Modern building and wooden trellis with grapes
Individual, horizontal trellis laths with grapes
Modern building with trellises to emphasize vertical axes, Dresden / Saxony