Mini-Creeper (Small-Leaved Virginia Creeper)

This lesser-known self climbing parthenocissus creeper not only has smaller leaves than the other varieties, but it also remains very small! It doesn't grow quickly and it won't grow higher than 4 to 5 meters. At this height, the shoots will grow only horizontally. It will remain low on buildings, and therefore more accessible for pruning ~ altogether an excellent chocie for greening smaller structures and objects. Its flowers and fruit are comparable to those of Veitchii, only smaller. It is frost resistant, just as its bigger cousins, and displays beautiful reds in autumn.

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Cultivar of parthenocissus tricuspidata, discovered by George R. Jackmann in 1938 on a facade in England

Self-climbing mini-creeper
Self-climbing mini-creeper

Mini-creeper in autumn 2015 

The same creeper 1 year later in 2016 / 2017.