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Mini-Pressing Cross Clamp 3 mm, SK 03006

High grade stainless steel mini-pressing cross clamp

Product sheet

Description / Price

Small pressing clamp made of high-grade steel A4/V4A, diameter = 6 mm, length 8 mm, 2 chases with breadth 3 mm. >>> Price



Special rope cross clamp for fixing of wire-cables 3 mm which cross in the angle of approx. 90 degrees. Where tight mesh nets are trained and many, cheap cross points at simple growing helps are required. A middle slipping strength is obtained. If necessary please, use the general information about the use of cross clamps.



The pressing clamp is put on to the ropes crossing. The pressing isn't done in front, but carried out with ordinary coolant pump pliers or combination pliers, at best near the cross point of the ropes. The pliers should be ridged "toothed" in this area to take hold of the pressing clamp without slipping. The adjustable gliding joint of the pliers is taken to the first or second position, the two double footbridges are then pushed only little at first together. The position of the ropes can be corrected if necessary now again before the pressing clamp is pressed definitely together. After some practice pressing can be done with one good press. The position of the pressing clamp can be hardly changed after pressing.


Special Features

At the assembly pressing lanes arise at the pressing clamp. Please use high-quality pliers made of chrome vanadium steel or steel nickel-plated to prevent later rust lanes at the contact points. If they arise nevertheless, they can be removed with fine sandpaper simply and permanently.


Made in Vietnam

Pressure clamp for 3 mm wire rope
Pressing clamp mounted,picture extended