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Light blue Morning Glory (Ipomoea tricolor)

Morning Glories were cultivated in the Japanese empire and bred for a light blue color, that's why it's sometimes called Imperial Morning Glory, even if this another species. Maxican morning Glories are annuals and are loved for their beautiful, ethereal blooms. They thrive on sheltered house walls, but are still sensitive and fade quickly. There are several cultivars with other colours. Mexican Morning Glories grow up to approx. 4 m and thus somewhat higher than the Common Morning Glory.

(Mexican Morning Glory or Imperial Morning Glory "Trichter-lat.: Ipomoea tricolor, Ipomoea violacea, pharbitis rubrocaerulea)

Morning Glory "Heavenly Blue"

Requirements / Price

Warm and sunny, wind-protected location are necessary for this rather fragile Morning Glory. Any normal garden soil will do, strong fertilization with low nitrogen can favor the flowers. This plant can easily be grown in a pot or bucket. It is available as seeds or as potted plants in spring. Do not sow the seeds as usual in March, but at the end of April / beginning of May!

Caracteristics and Pruning

The Mexican Morning Glory is an annual twining vine that can growth up to 4 meters height. The one-day flowers fade rapidly especially in the sun, sometimes by lunchtime already hence the name "Morning Glory". This Morning Glory flowers pink and sky blue with a white center, the Latin name "tricolor" because of this tricolority. Some red varieties exist such as "Scarlett O`Hara" (Ipomoea nil - USA 1939) and "Turris". Pearly Gates is a white variety. Flowering time is from July to October, but in cold, wet there might be no flowering at all. Poisonous seeds!

Growing aids on facades

The Mexican morning glory needs thin stakes, nets or ropes to grow and climb. You will find a list of all suitable wire rope systems at the bottom of this page. Simple und Light designs can be used. The wire-rope trellises of the Medium range offer optimal conditions.

Cable systems?

Click on the image to see wich designs are adapted as a growing aid for mandevillas.

Morning Glory on a wall
Twining plant Ipomoea on a wire rope
Several Morning Glories next to each other
Light blue morning glory on a wire rope trellis
Annual twining vine next to a restaurant door
Facade green with Ipomoe violacea (tricolor)

Suitable cable systems for Mexican Morning Glory

Please click on the graphics to see a detailed view of each design!

  = suitable           = sometimes suitable         = not suitable