Medium kits “Premium”

FassadenGruen has 54 Wire Rope Systems each classified into five construction styles. The “Medium construction styles” offer a medium to high standard in all parameters and are also divided into 3 versions (Eco, Classic and Premium). On this page we have the “Premium” version. Out of all the medium styles, the “Premium” version is of the highest quality. Please use the comparison page (links above). You can buy wire rope systems assembled as kits, but also you may supplement, or assemble all the items in the online shop to kits yourself.
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  • High quality and design orientated style

  • Increased price level

  • For 3 mm wire rope and medium loads

  • Wall distance 6 mm

  • Very sturdy even when exhausting the maximum spacing between mounts (approx. 1,5 m)

  • High grade steel V4A (AISI 316) for extreme corrosion-resistance

  • Smooth shaft 8 mm. Other side has metric thread M8

  • Borehole 10 mm, drill depth 9 cm

  • Standard cross mount WM 08133

  • No special mounts for insulation or similarly difficult surfaces

  • Only cross mounts, no combination with eyelet screws possible

  • 3 wire ropes can be fixed in the cross head making it suitable for systems like 5060 and 7040

Area of application

The medium “Premium” style is suitable for private and public areas. Recommended for grape vines, roses and many different climbing plants. Especially where higher standards need to be met and were representative design and high corrosion-resistance are relevant. Situations like preservation of sites of historic interest, Bauhaus-architecture, coastal residence (salty air) and interior greening. If the loads are heavier and the greening higher, or vandalism in public areas could affect the systems, we suggest massive or heavy kits/style. Please also view the page Planning for more general information on planning a system.

Wall mount / Surfaces

Fassadengruen’s “Premium” kits are suited for almost any surface, wall or wood. They always contain the cross mount WM 08133 with plug.


Instructions on how to install medium kits can be found in the section "Wire rope systems -->Installation". Please clarify if you need any tools!

Trellis fruit as façade greenery
System 8010 modified for espalier fruit
Interior greening with a wire rope system
System 1040 for a challenging interior greening
Cable holder for façade greening
Cable holder from FassadenGrün
Greened façade
Cross mount on a Façade in Italy, Roses etc.
Façade greening with cable system
System 4030 next to steel lamps and awning, clematis montana
Façade greening with grapes
Due to the Material A4 the system can withstand sea air. A house in France / Bretagne, grape vines