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Medium Kits „Eco“

FassadenGruen has 54 Wire Rope Systems each classified into five construction styles/kits. The “Medium construction style/kit” offers a medium to high standard in all parameters and is also divided into 3 versions (Eco, Classic and Premium). On this page we have the “Eco” version, which is especially “eco”nomical. Please use the comparison page. You can buy wire rope systems assembled as kits, but also you may supplement, or assemble all the items in the online shop into kits yourself.
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  • a new and economical, slender alternative, ecological due to less material and energy usage

  • significantly lower price level

  • for 3 mm wire rope, light and occasionally medium loads

  • wall distance 5 cm

  • sufficient stability. Reducing the distance between the cross mounts results in higher load capacity (approx. 1 meter apart)

  • stainless steel AISI 304, wire rope AISI 316

  • metric threaded M8 and wood thread W7 

  • standard cross mount WH 08111

  • no special mount for insulation or similarly difficult surfaces

  • only cross mounts, no combination with eyelet screws possible

  • only 2 wire ropes can be fixed in the cross head, making some system (5060) unsuitable



Instructions on how to install Medium Kits can be found in the section "Wire Rope systems -->Installation." Please check to see if you need any tools!

Wall Mount / Surfaces

Eco Kits are suitable for almost any surface, especially for arbors, pergolas,and wooden structures (then without dowels). Eco Kits always include the cross mount WH 08111 with dowel(s).

Area of Application

The Medium Kit/style “Eco” is suitable for private and semi-public areas. The kits are compatible with grapevines and many other climbing plants, sometimes even for vigorously growing roses. Eco Kits are an inexpensive alternative where medium wall distances and lighter plants such as clematis and annuals-- but also hops, honeysuckle and potted plants-- are in question. If you reduce the span between the cross mounts from, say 1.5 m to 1.0 m, the Eco Kits can boast similar stability to the Medium “classic” Kits. Also, the desire for reduced drilling diameter and lower drilling depth can be a decisive factor in choosing this Kit.

When assembling in higher areas with heavier loads, or in public areas (due to vandalism), one should definitely use a Heavy or Massive Kit/construction style. Please also view the section on Planning for more general information on planning a system.

Wire rope system 5020, modified. Wooden shack with encasing/boarding and cross-battens. The growing aid for slow-climbing clematis needs to provide sufficient wall distance and sturdiness, which is why the Medium Style/Kit was chosen and not the Light Kit/construction style.
Growth Aid, Clematis
2x System 1030 “Eco” on concrete supports for grapevines. In this case, drill diameter and drill depth needed to be kept small.
Growth Support for Grapevine
Holder for Growing/Climbing Support
Wire rope holder WH 08111 with grapevine
Climbing support made of stainless steel
Wire rope system 3050 modified, grape vine. In this case, the Eco Kit is sufficient due to the spacing between the mounts (approx. 1 m)
Grapevine with Growing Aid
Growing aid 4060, modified. Eco Kits are even suitable for espalier fruit, in this case-- peach. Again the span between the cross mounts needs to be reduced to about 1 m to ensure sturdiness.
Steel Cable Climbing Aid for Peaches