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Medium kits “Classic”

FassadenGruen has 54 Wire Rope Systems each classified into five construction styles. The “Medium construction styles” offer a medium to high standard in all parameters and are also divided into 3 versions (Eco, Classic and Premium). On this page we have the “Classic” version which is sturdy and variable. Please use the comparison page (link above). You can buy wire rope systems assembled as kits, but also you may yourself supplement, or assemble all the items in the online shop as needed.
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  • An established and reliable product for many years

  • Medium price level, some special mounts are more expensive

  • For 3 mm wire rope and medium loads

  • Wall distance 6 cm. WH 10181 can provide 8 cm

  • Very sturdy even when exhausting the maximum distance between cross mounts (1,5 m)

  • Stainless steel AISI 304, wire rope AISI 316

  • Metric threaded rod M10 on the other side wood thread W9

  • Borehole 12 mm, drill depth 10 cm

  • Standard cross mount WH 10151 with the reliable dowel

  • Special mounts for difficult surfaces but none for insulation

  • Combinable construction style (cross mount and eye screws). Systems like 4050, 5010, 7030, 7060  etc. are easier to assemble.

  • 3 wire rope can be fixed in one head, making it very suitable for systems like 5060



Instructions on how to install medium kits can be found in the section "Wire rope systems -->Installation". Please clarify if you need any tools!

Wall mount / Surfaces

Wire rope growing aid systems in “Classic” style are ideal for most masonry and wooden constructs. The standard Inox or Stainless steel cross mounts are superb for difficult surfaces (hollow brick, autoclaved aerated concrete, mixed masonry), due to their deep anchorage. Should you wish to assemble your own individual kit or have us put one together with you, there are other cross mounts and eye bolts that you can chose from depending on the surface:

  • WM 10081 for thin concrete prefabricated garages etc.

  • WM 10083 for cladding, planking, boarding etc.

  • WM 10121 (same as WM 10101, but with longer shaft) for adhesive installation. Also combinable with a counter set.

  • WM 10151 as a longer version of WM 10121

  • WH 10181 longer version of the standard cross-mount WH 10151 for more distance from wall


Area of application

Medium kits are suitable for private use as well as part. public areas, for Grapevines, Roses, and many climbing plants. If assembling in public areas or in higher areas with larger loads, we suggest a heavy or massive style. Please also view the page Planning for more general information on planning a system.

Wire rope system 3040 modified, thicket creeper, exhausting the maximum spacing between mounts (1,5 m)
climbing structure on house
System 5020 for climbing roses
Growth structure for Roses
Standard cross mount WH 10151 for a growing aid in “Classic” style
Climbing structure: Kits made up of wire rope
Standard cross mount WH 10151 (older version without flange nut) on truss
Cross mount
wire rope growing aid for Clematis Viticella
Growth structure made up of wire rope for Clematis
Wire rope system 5040 modified, grapevines, proliferation in spring
Growth structure for Grapes
system 8050 for Parthenocissus Vitacea
Climbing structure on concrete wall