Star Jasmine

A very loved, evergreen, flowering, and highly fragrant climber, especially in Southern Europe! In Central Europe better suited as a container plant, as it is winter-hardy only in very mild locations. Perennial and therefore very interesting for facade greening: forms blankets of green with star-shaped white flowers and can cover entire house walls. 

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lat.: Trachelospermum jasminoides, Rhyncospermum jasminoides, also known as "Chinese Star Jasmine"

Star Jasmine
Blühender Sternjasmin

To thrive...

Plant in a sunny, preferably wind-protected location. When planting on walls, choose east and west walls rather than south-facing walls too exposed too the sun. Well-drained garden soil, if possible enriched with compost and sand. Low to medium water needs; doesn't tolerate wet feet (waterlogging)! Fertilisation beneficial. In mild climates and temps above -10°C year round, it can even be perennial without overwintering, but then it needs thick winter protection in the planting bed. In Leipzig, our star jasmine survived the mild winter of 2019/2020 well in an outdoor pot and was then planted out. However, only a few shoots covered in snow survived the harsh winter of 2020/2021. In colder climates then only suitable as a potted plant to be overwintered indoors in a  lit room (to support flower budding) at about 10° C.

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Properties and Pruning

Native to East Asia. Weak to moderately poisonous! Grows with both mild twining and with light adhesive roots and by "leaning." Very decorative, dark green foliage, wintergreen! From early summer old leaves can turn yellow and fall off. In autumn, the foliage may turn red. Grows up to about 6 metres when planted in the ground. Many small, white star-shaped flowers with yellow centres on the young shoots, even more colourful on cultivated forms. Intoxicating scent. Flowering time May - August. Fruits insignificant. Prune, fertilise, and if necessary repot in early spring.

Climbing Aids on Facades

Rods, lattices, nets, etc.. See below for suitable rope systems. Compatible with our medium, easy, and possibly even light kits. In Southern Europe *and* for very large areas, it is better to use heavy and massive kits.


Suitable Wire Rope Systems?

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Comptabile Cable Systems for Star Jasmine

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