“Paper Flower” (Bougainvillea)

An exotic and often quite spectacular presence is promised by this colourful climber. The Bougainvillea’s abundant papery flowers are actually modified leaves called ‘bracts,’ housing fairly inconspiciuos small white flowers (always in triplets). Bougainvillea are widespread and very popular in the southern Mediterranean region (think white-washed houses in Greece with waterfalls of bright fuscia). There they are grown similar to espalier fruit also on house walls. In Germany, they are cultivated during the frost-free period as container plants and are then overwintered in a protected location as needed. Where an exotic accent is desired, a Bougainvillea is worthwhile!

lat.: Bougainvillea glabra // spectabilis // peruviana

Drillingsblume Bougainvillea
A fuschia bougainvillea

Compatible Wire Rope Systems for Bougainvillea

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