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Light Wintercreeper ("Vegetus")

This cultivar, what we call “Light Wintercreeper,” is one of the older varieties, which has been known in Japan since about 1870. Its bright colour has won it its place in FassadenGrün's assortment of cultivars. In spring and summer the leaves are light green, turning to a medium green in autumn and winter. It is especially good for creating bright and colourful facades, though locations in full sun (south walls without any shade) are to be avoided. The foliage is less dense than with the “Dark Wintercreeper,” but just as reliably evergreen. This type responds well to rigorous pruning, lending itself beautifully to being trained and shaped, and can then grow very old and cover many square metres. If the plant is trained on a wire rope or trellis well away from the wall, it hardly develops any aerial rootlets. Refer to our wintercreeper general information for guidance on location, pruning, suitable cable systems, etc.. Available in 3 sizes; each successive size corresponds to an additional year's growth.

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Variety of Euonymus fortunei

Light-leaved wintercreeper in July
Light-leaved wintercreeper in July
Fortune's spindle on a wall
Wall greening with light wintercreeper
Light green wintercreeper (spindle)
Euonymus fortune as a shaped shrub on a wall