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Large Wintercreeper ("Coloratus")

This wintercreeper offered here – basically the wild form – develops quite large, mid- to dark green leaves on walls, which may turn reddish in winter. The distance between the leaf pairs (internodes) is longer than in the other varieties. This type is very robust, copes well with city climates and grows faster than all other varieties, however it is significantly weaker and slower than ivy. Foliage is somewhat looser than e.g. in the “Dark Wintercreeper,” especially during winter. We offer this wintercreeper in the FassadenGrün Range for its better growth vigour and recommend it especially for Graffiti protection. Refer to General Information for location / aspect, pruning, suitable cable systems etc. Unfortunately currently unavailable.

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(lat: Euonymus fortunei - wintercreeper, spindle, fortun's spindle)

Wintercreeper with new leaves
Euonymus as groundcover and climber in winter
Ground-level greening against graffiti with wintercreepers
Climbing plants (Euonymus fortunei) as graffitti protection (after 2 yrs. of growth)
Wintercreeper on a wall with a vertical steel cable analogous to our 1010 wire trellis