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Insulation fixing, DD 00055 / DD 00085


Product sheet

Description / Price

Special plugs made of polyamide for particularly strong wood thread between 6 - 10 mm, proprietary brand TOX ISOL. For plastered pressure resistant insulating materials like PUR rigid foam, XPS foam and also requires polystyrene (EPS rigid foam see below). Fixed seating due to dose compression of the insulation during the insertion process, patented cutting geometry.

Recommended max. tension and shear load in XPS: 3 - 5 kg (0.03 to 0.05 kN). Compared with other insulation anchors, can absorb especially high shear forces of this type due to the massive construction.

  • DD 00055, l = 50 mm, f. insulation to 6 cm thick - Price

  • DD 00085, l = 83 mm, f. Insulation from ab 8 cm thickness - Price



For very light fixtures to walls with external insulation (EIFS) such as door signs, mailboxes, outdoor lights, and brackets of downspouts. Here for trellises in conjunction with eyelet screw WH 06061 and elastic band RL 06000. Please use, if necessary, the general information on the anchor technology.



Please only use the insulation anchor due to the low resilience in the specified or similar component combinations. For insulation thicknesses less than / equal to 6 cm, the smaller anchor DD 00055, used for all other strengths DD 00085

Use a drill bit d = 5 - 8 mm for pre-drill only, then use a bit d = 14 mm 3 - 10 mm to deep drill to pierce the layer of plaster. Never drill deeper than the plaster layer is strong! Then screw in. Then screw in the  insulation anchor with a 12 mm hex wrench, a screwdriver  until the anchor cap rests on the plaster. Then the ready set wall bracket, screws o. Ä. Screw in the dowel. In very soft insulation material such as polystyrene possibly the wall bracket / screws previously screwed into the plugs and fix both together then the insulation material.



Not suitable for mineral wool insulation. conditionally suitable for polystyrene if the screw thread is not more than 6 mm and the screw after insertion of only about 1 - 2 cm is screwed into the anchor. If necessary, the screw length must conform. If screwed too strong or too long threaded fasteners (screws), occurs in this relatively soft insulation to a further twisting of the insulating plug to a 'spin' and loss of the holding ability in the foam.



"Made in Germany" by TOX (Baden-Württemberg)

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