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Holder for trellises made of wood

To build a trellis yourself? FassadenGrün supplies components for wire rope trellises made of stainless steel, for trellises made of wood the fastening. The spectrum ranges from the simplest stainless steel wood screws to solutions for insulated walls. In this overview you will find tips for anchoring and wall clearance, and you can click on all trellis holders.

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Old trellis for grapevine, mounted with steel bolts


General information


Selection by criteria

AS 06120

Simple and universal

AS 08110


AS 10180

More wall distance

AS 10100

For concrete garages

AS 12XX0

Heavy construction style

AS 12XX2

For up to 6 cm insulation

AS 12XX4

for up to 12 cm insulation

AS 12XX8

for up to 14 cm insulation

AS 12XX6

For hard foam

AS 08555

For Styrofoam insulation