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Individual Parts – Product Sheets for Installation

In addition to instructions for laying wire rope (and the 'Installation Tips' with graphics/diagrams), we've provided you with important information on the individual parts. For each purchased wire rope system, the information is relative to its respective wall mount: What is the drilling diameter, how do I install the mount or holder? Other questions could be: how do I cut wire rope without a wire cutter? How do I close end sleeves? You can find all this information on the product sheets. Through the following links, you'll land in our sales area, where all individual parts are listed by category. There you can click on the individual part which will then call up the product-description sheet. Products that don’t belong to the wire rope systems also have a product sheet. These you can find in the “sales area.”

Wire cable for greening

Stainless Steel Wire

Cable/Rope, Wire, and Rods

Eyelet screws for wall greening

Eyelet Screws

From Staples to Ground Anchors

List of all available cross-mounts with info on installation via product-sheets

Wire Rope Holder

M6, M8, M10 and M12

Wire rope accessories

Wire Rope Clamps/Grips, etc..

Thimbles, Tensioners, Turnbuckles...

Cross clamps for wire rope

Cross Clamps

For crossing wire rope