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Ideas for Greening and for Climbing-Plant Support Systems

Welcome to Fassadengrün. We specialize in facade greening-- wall-greening with plant life, "living walls." We sell climbing-plant support systems (trellis systems) made of high-grade stainless steel. Roof greening also comes under our domain, as well as any landscaping that has to do with the "face" of a house. We would like to accompany you into this world! It all begins with gathering ideas, inspirations, and a plan... the first major section of our webpage can assist you with this. Our council and advice, if you are ever unsure is: Take your time, don't rush, and use the following sections to help you design your plan. Compare 1 or 2 different realistic possibilities so you can develop a model which can be implemented clearly and correctly. The next step is choosing your climbing plants...

Climbing plants on a climbing aid in a courtyard
Facade greening with grapes

Why Green a Facade?

Reasons for 'living walls'

Greening - a history

Stylistic Eras

Greening in the past and present

A historical climbing plant system made of wood, greened with wisteria


Partial or full greening?

Examples of climbing systems made of metal, etc.. on facades

Parts of Buildings

Drainpipes, balconies, etc..