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Fixation cylinder/ashlar (special solution)

This page belongs to the 'insulation' and is a special solution for adhering growth systems. This variant can be useful in insulation thicknesses of 12 - 22 cm. System manufacturers of EWIS have the possibility to cut out single segments after the full-flat raw assembly of the insulating layer and to substitute with cylinder or records from pressure resistant hard foam, before fabrics and final plaster are raised. If the growing aids are already planned before the insulating work and are put at the suitable places such hard segments, the additional installation of supporting bodies can be cancelled.

Endurance and Price

The carrying capacity under severe bending - buckling strain is probably found in the solution 'support body', only with more pressure-resistant rigid foam elements with additional pressure plates made of aluminum could they be  slightly higher. For insulation thicknesses above 12 cm the capacity is only low to medium, our recent experiences are not sufficient for reliable conclusions. Planting with strong climbing plants is eliminated. The price is usually significantly higher than the solution 'supporting body' because the installation of the foam segments will be settled by the installation company as an additional service.

Suitable Wall Bracket

For this solution, FassadenGrün offers for wood trellises the threaded anchor AS 12XX6 and cable systems of the supporting cable holder WM 12XX6. Although it can accommodate 4 mm rope, 3 mm cable should be used for insulation thicknesses from 20 cm, only 2 mm rope. Note: The foam bodies are not part of the supporting cable holder and thus also not supplied by FassadenGrün. A special case is the use of cross-holder WM 12227 in hard surfaces with aluminum plates if necessary.

Assembly and Maintenance

The special cross holder can be mounted by DIY enthusiasts, the expanded polystyrene segments (fixation cylinder) rather not, look under "mounting". Please note in this context that there may be overlap in the warranty. This applies to care on the side 'support ' body.