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Profi - Hammerbohrer 16 / 310 mm, HB 16310

Hammerbohrer 16 / 310 mm

Product sheet

Description / Price

Four edge-carbide hammer drill bits with SDS-Plus holder, type 'Zentro' Drilling diameter 16 mm, total length 310 mm, working length (= max depth) 250 mm. Four edge (Double edge and 2 auxiliary edges in solid carbide piece), precise drilling thanks to centering point, no pre-drilling required. Opposite Two edge drills increased durability and reduced risk of fracture, particularly at rebar contact in concrete. 4 spirals for the removal of drilling dust. Certified with PGM-seal (Masonry Drill Bit Certification) and approved for heavy-duty dowels. Original packing slip pocket with label 'PROJAHN' (similar, currently is no actual product photo with scale ruler available, please try to use the photos on the right side). >>> Price



High-quality tool for professional use in rotary hammers up to 5 kg. For assembly of heavy kits in WDVS up. 12 cm insulation thickness with behind it reinforced / non-reinforced concrete, masonry, natural stone, and similar materials. In hollow bricks, aerated concrete and possibly even in normal 'bricks' drill without percussion effect. Not for wood. Only a cleaning of wells with down hole brush and blowouts allows for high adhesive forces and is prescribed for professional bonds with mandatory composite mortar. Please use if necessary, the general information about hammer drill bits in general.



With prolonged use (many holes) must be provided by additional fat for proper lubrication of the drill chuck.



Merchandise of PROJAHN, 'Made in Germany' by  DreBo / Bayern

Hammerbohrer HB 16310
Hammer Drill Bit HB 16310 with plastic case
Kopf Hammerbohrer
Head of the hammer drill bit