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Half Bricks, Closers, Tiles and Others

This sub-topic in 'exposed masonry' is about espalier techniques on bonded, flat stones like tiles, clinker-closers etc.. Especially modern clinker walls are often made of a completely different building materials and only show the outside glued clinker plates. On this page you can see examples of facades along with tips for mounting.


Mostly there are glazed or unglazed tiles for clinker-closers or natural stone plates. All these facing bricks are very flat and are attached by adhesive or mortar. The substrate is usually a less valuable masonry or even a thermal insulation. Because the outer, higher quality panels are flat, and not far into the depth of the wall, in this way they can be created at reasonable cost for a high-quality facades.

Trellises or growth aid on Closers and tiles

Decisive for the attachment of cable systems or trellises here is always the presence of the facade layer underneath, please check back if necessary, under plaster masonry. If it is sound, except for the “Massive” kits, all kits from FassadenGrün can be used, in principle. In contrast, if insulation is under the surface, installing trellis ssystems is sometimes not possible.

It is important that it is carefully drilled (no impact hammer drilling) and secured only in the joints. The hole in the facade panels should possibly be slightly larger than the dowel diameter, so that the shaft of the holder is not suppressed even when there is subsequent deflection under greening loads against the sensitive borehole of tiles or clinker-closers. The wire ropes should be tensioned less than taut. Thus, cracks are prevented. Also the pressure of cover disks should be slightly less, that is, the holders are not tensioned extremely hard against the wall.

For drilling, we recommend universal drill UB 77777.

Facade with brick-closers, rope system in Medium construction, rose
Brick tiles and rose
Brick-closers built as a wall (finished wall in the background), above a wall-cover hollow clinker
Closers made of clinker
Facing brick and cable system in an Easy kit, vine
Greened up facing bricks
Clinker closers and rope system 2040 Easy construction for climbing hydrangea
clinker tiles and climbing hydrangea
Closers made of natural stone, ropes Easy kit, glued, for clematis
Closers made of natural stone
Facade with clinker, vertical, and horizontal rope with the Massive kit for wisteria
Facade of clinker-closers and wisteria
Historic facade with glazed tiles, wire ropes, in a Heavy kit with special holder WM 12227 for hops
Greening up tiles
Façade greening with Wisteria on a tiled facade
Greening up tiled facades
Pre-cast garage with closers 2 x cable system 4030 Light kit
clinker-tiles on garage