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Climbing Plant Support Nets

Climbing plant nets are particularly light, finely structured climbing systems. FassadenGrün offers you components under "wire rope system 5050," from which climbing nets can be made on site. Prefabricated nets made of stainless steel rope are an alternative outside our standard product line; they are used for large, presentational areas. Spot welding mesh or wire mesh can also be used as a variation. Here, you can find suggestions. In general, climbing nets shouldn't be too finely meshed (not less than 10 x 10 cm). With certain plants (clematis and grapevines, most commonly), overgrowth/remains of woody tendrils, etc.. tends to arise and would need to be removed. Too much entanglement should be avoided.  

Grid for vitis coignetiae on a daycare building
Wire rope system 5050 from FassadenGrün.
Wire net for Clematis
Wire rope net-- type “Dralo” from Lothar Huck GmbH; here, for rock sliding control.
Wire Rope Net "Dralo" by Huck
Welded grid of very thin steel wire (rolls) are an inexpensive alternative, such as at pigeon control sites.
Welded, stainless steel grid
'WEBNET ' by Jakob Drahtseil AG.
Webnet from Jakob Drahtseil AG
Connection point for a ready-made network of wire rope.
Cross point of a wire rope net
Vetches on a wire mesh fence.
Wire mesh fence
Growth wall 'X-TEND' by Carl Stahl GmbH
"X-TEND" by Carl Stahl GmbH
Simple wire ('mesh') was stretched up high on a shopping center wall to be used as a growing wall. Superior metal 'swords' support the net.
Wire Netting, Wire Mesh