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Greening Tips

Whatever you intend to green with climbing plants-- whether it is a freestanding wall, a house wall, a balcony, or a terrace roof-- selecting the most appropriate plant species (and sometimes even the right variety within the species) is always crucial. Location, light and wind conditions, as well as maintenance requirements all factor in. In addition to the individual information supplied for each climbing plant, you will find tips in this section on various topics related with "Climbing Plants and Greening." If you'd like to read about specific examples, such as the greening of a wall, garage, carport or pergola, look under our main topic section-"Ideas."

Vertical Greening, old spinning mill in Leipzig / Saxony
Greening - position, location


Sun, wind and water

Cobblestone ring and natural stone

Plant Rings

Cobblestone and natural stone

Climbing plants in pots

Plants in Pots

Greening with potted pants

Vines, twiners and co. (growth type)

Growth Type

Creepers, twiners, and co.

Greening in winter


Deep green in winter

Combined greenery in autumn

Greening Combinations

Many species on one wall

Greening - care and maintenance

Care and Maintenance

Pruning and maintenance

Structural damage caused by climbing plants

Building Damage

Caused by climbing plants?